Coolest Curry And Rice Cake

I struggled to find an idea for my son’s 19th birthday cake. Then it hit me – he loves curry so why not make a Curry and Rice cake version?

I made a normal sponge cake in a rectangular shallow tin, then cut it into chunks. I coloured some butter icing that strange orangey colour that curry seems to be, then coated each piece – tricky to not get your fingers covered as well, but relatively easy to do.

I then added some dessicated coconut to a normal serving bowl to represent rice and placed the ‘curry chunks’ on top.

I also made another sponge which I cut circles out of then stacked them up and shaped them to look like a bottle of beer. I placed a wooden skewer through the middle to hold it upright, then coated it all in brown butter icing. I added the neck piece to the bottle and the bottle top – both made from fondant icing and painted them yellow and silver respectively.

I used number cutters to cut the number 19 from the fondant. The name was painted on using black food colouring and a fine artist brush.

It was great because we didn’t even need to cut the cake up – it was already in pieces.

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