My Little Pony Merry-Go-Round Cake

My Little Pony Merry-Go-Round Cake

This My Little Pony merry-go-round cake was done for a little girl’s 1st birthday. She liked the My Little Pony theme. So I baked 2 x 9″ rainbow cakes. These were cut into layers to allow the 1 layer to be used for the merry go round top. I covered the cakes with a vanilla crumb … Read more

Coolest Carnival Cake

Coolest Carnival Cake

Wow! what a great adventure it was making this carnival cake. It was made for my nephew and niece’s birthday party. They had a Carnival themed party. I had a great time making the little animals and people, watching them come to life. They were all made of fondant. I worked on these for over … Read more

Cool Homemade Red, White, Blue and Yellow Carousel Cake

Ciana's Carousel Cake

My sister and I created this carousel cake for my daughter’s 5th birthday. After looking at many of the cakes online here, my daughter decided on a carousel cake. Using ideas from other cakes, my sister and I created this unique cake. The cake itself is a basic 1-2-3 cake comprised of two 12-inch layers … Read more

Sweet Homemade Carousel Birthday Cake for a 2 Year Old

Homemade  Carousel Birthday Cake

This Carousel Birthday Cake was a simple adaptation of those on this wonderful site. It was created for my 2year old who loves carousels. We were not having a party and it was just going to be the immediate family of 5 adults, 1 sibling whose birthday is also in a few days. My objective … Read more

Coolest Carousel Birthday Cake

Homemade Carousel Birthday Cake

I made this carousel birthday cake for my granddaughter’s second birthday. This idea was from a 1983 Wilton book I had purchased years ago. The gum paste mold was no longer available for the canopy decoration so I measured around my pan and determined how many decorations I needed and traced an outline on parchment … Read more

Coolest Homemade Carousel Cake Ideas 8

We had a circus party for my daughters 7th birthday. I made a carousel cake. Carousel animals were cookies iced with royal icing. The cookie cutters I used mostly came from a Williams Sonoma set. Some also from Foose tinsmith (which has an incredible variety of cutters). Next time I’ll know to make more ponies … Read more

Coolest Circus Clown Cake

Homemade Circus Clown Cake

I had a circus theme for my son’s first birthday. The circus clown cake was a white cake that I made from scratch from the Better Homes and Garden’s cook book. Excellent recipe. The frosting was Wilton’s recipe for buttercream. Also excellent. I used 2 12-inch round pans to make the bottom layer, 2 9-inch … Read more

Coolest JoJo Circus Cake Photos and How-To Tips 8

For my sons third birthday, he begged for a clown cake but I’m not really good yet at making flat cakes and drawing faces. So I came up with the idea to make a JoJo circus cake with the toy characters. I used a 10-inch and 9-inch cake pan for the ‘stage’ and then used … Read more

Sweet Homemade Carousel Cake

Homemade Carousel Cake

This carousel cake was inspired by several cakes on this site. I found the swirl lollipop sticks and decided to do a carousel from them. The bottom is two 12 inch rounds, iced. On top of them is a layer of rice krispie treats pressed into a 12 inch round, hardened and then iced. Then … Read more

Cool Homemade Pink Carousel Cake

Homemade Carousel Cake

I cheated with this one, I used 3 Betty Crocker cake mixes and I made my own fondant icing (which I will never do again as it is too hard to get the right consistency). The decorating of this homemade carousel cake took forever to do, it was so hard especially when I had my … Read more

Amazing Homemade Blue and Green Carousel Birthday Cake

Homemade Carousel Birthday Cake

I made this Carousel Birthday Cake for my nephew’s 3rd birthday which was a carnival themed party. The base is two 12 inch round cakes and a 10 inch round cake on top of that. Inserted through the center of the base cakes is a glass sugar jar ( like the one’s in a diner … Read more

Coolest Homemade Carousel Cake Ideas 9

My daughter had been insisting on a merry-go-round party cake for her third birthday so we had a circus themed party. I made a two layer 14 inch cake for the base and a two layer 8 inch cake for the top part. The carousel horses are from Wilton and I painted them to match … Read more