Since the moment our son was born our world has consisted of  log trucks, pickup trucks, dump trucks, tractors, monster trucks, tools, hardhats, dirt, etc. I thought it would be awesome if I made a  “construction” theme birthday cake for his 2nd birthday. I searched online for weeks for perfect ideas and came up with a mixture of all that I found.

I decided to make my own marshmallow fondant because, well frankly, we all know that store bought fondant tastes like vanilla laffy taffy from Halloween about 4 years ago! It was the first time I have ever attempted such a task. I had more powdered sugar on me and the kitchen floor than I did in the actual mixture. Baking the cakes wasn’t that difficult but for me to do the caution tape theme (you’ll see in the picture) I had to freeze the layers and our freezer was tiny. I had to alternate cakes every 15 minutes till I was ready to assemble.

I did not use dowels (I didn’t have any) and was very afraid the cake was going to implode on itself, but it stayed nice and tall!! The letters that spell our son’s name actually came from wooden letters that hang in his room. I pulled them off the wall and traced them out of fondant and laid them on the cake. Everyone thought the cake was awesome and asked all throughout the party how I made it and what it took.

When the cake was finally cut open everyone saw the surprise inside, (caution tape!) They all loved it especially our son. He sees pictures around the house of his 2nd birthday and always asks if we can go back there. I think I’ll be making another construction cake in the future, it was way too much fun!!