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Easy Homemade Construction Site Cake

I made this Construction Site cake for my nephew’s 4th birthday. He told me that he wanted lots of frosting, trucks, and candy rocks! He is really easy to please, which made this cake the easiest cake I have made yet!

I began by making a homemade white cake in a half sheet pan, and a double batch of buttercream frosting.

I covered the cake with white buttercream, then colored some of the buttercream brown. I used a spoon the back of a large spoon to spread the brown buttercream onto the top of the cake to look like dirt. To make it look more like dirt, I sprinkled it with crumbled gram cracker and chocolate sprinkles.

I used the trucks I purchased to give me an idea for the scene. I made a road being completed with buttercream I colored black and put the trucks into their appropriate postions…I think!

I made a lumbar scene with coconut I colored green as grass and large gumdrops as trees. I filled the back of one of the trucks with pretzels as lumbar being taken away. I also broke some pretzels in half and stuck them next to the trees to look like cut down trees.

I then made a small digging scene with more trucks digging into dirt (chocolate frosting with sprinkles and more graeme cracker crumbs). I filled the dump trucks with frosting as dirt, and one of the trucks with candy rocks. I have found that the more unique ways you have to add candy and buttercream, the more the kids love it and think it is cool!

It was very fun for me to make and I loved making up the creative scenes for the cake.

My nephew loved it!

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