This is an Xbox controller cake for my son’s 12th birthday. He is an avid xbox player and requested this for his party with friends after getting my iPod cake for his family birthday party. I made a chocolate mud cake from one cake mix because this is my son’s favorite. I found the density of it made it easier to sculpt. I then took a picture of an xbox controller and enlarged it to the size of the cake I was making. This way the model would be in proportion with button sizes etc. I cut it out and used this as a template for my cake. When cutting the cake I sculpted it inwards on the side to give the rounded controller look rather than straight edges.

I made white marshmallow fondant and colored the other fondant parts required the day prior to decorating. I first put a thin layer of chocolate ganache then covered the cake all in white fondant. I then make the knobs that protrude first so they could dry hard before putting them onto the cake. I added shaped fondant on the top for the buttons and wrote in the colored buttons with a toothpick. I found working with white fondant painstaking as every little mark shows so extra care and time was needed.

All the kids at the party loved the cake.