Cool Converse Sneaker Cake

I absolutely loved making this converse sneaker cake!

My son Tim was turning 14 so I wanted to make a cake that was cool and fun. This one really had to be perfect as his 13th birthday was a disaster. I fell seriously ill on the day of his 13th and was admitted to hospital. No cake!! I was devastated as I always make my boys a birthday cake as my special gift to them. So time to make amends.

I started making the little lace eyelets and Converse badge about a week ahead of time so they could dry out. I also pre-baked the cake, chocolate, and put it in the freezer. I made a shoe template which made cutting the shoe shape a lot easier. And I watched a ton of YouTube videos to get ideas from as many sources as possible. And voila, the Converse sneaker was born!

Some of the pictures have Tim’s actual Converse sneaker in it to compare.

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