Coolest Bed with Quilt Cake

The cake is a bed with a quilt draped over the top of it. My best friend is a quilter and I used her original quilt design as the pattern for the quilt.

I used a half sheet cake pan for the bed. I cut a little off the end to use as the pillow and then cut the cake in half and stacked it. I used butter cream frosting as filling and then applied a crumb coat.

Once dried, I frosted the entire cake with white butter cream frosting. A tip I learned from my sister, a fellow cake maker: Use a Viva paper towel to smooth out the frosting. Works only with this brand of paper towel. You lay the towel on the frosting and gently rub till it’s smooth. The results are amazing.

The night before, I created a template of the quilt to use as a guide. I rolled out white fondant to the appropriate size. I created the criss-cross pattern by using an impression mat. NOTE: do not press down too far or you will cut through the fondant. I drew the rest of the pattern with a ruler as my guide using Edible marking pens. I wrapped the pillow in fondant also and created the quilt pattern on the pillow to match the bed.

I also used dusting powder to create the border of the quilt and pillow case.

Once the design was finished I draped it over the cake and then added the pillow. I also added the Happy Birthday sign.

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