Coolest Kitchen Appliances Cake

For this kitchen appliances cake, I cut the topper out Styrofoam to the size I needed. Then, I covered it with fondant and decorated it with cabinet decorations, vegetables, and a wok also made from fondant. I made make all that ahead of time and let it dry hard.

Once the pieces were all dry, I put them together in the positions I wanted them to be with royal icing.

For the cake I baked sponge cake and covered and decorated it with buttercream icing.  After that I made the swag with #1,#2,#3 piping tips to achieve the look I wanted.

Finally,  I put the kitchen appliance decoration on top of the cake and it was complete.

This cake is great for a household bridal shower, a housewarming party, or to celebrate someone who loves to cook.

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