Pretty Bed Cake

A friend of mine asked me to make a cake for her friend for her daughters birthday she was to become 25 years old. She decided she wanted a bed with two dogs sitting by the girl, so I started by making the two dogs she wanted a black stuffy and a golden labrador.

I then made a template for the headboard and made this using modelling paste and set aside to dry. Then I had to make a A4 size cake and when this was cold I cut it in half and attached them together using butter cream and jam and then I covered in a thin  layer of butter cream over the whole cake and placed in the freezer to chill.

I then covered the sides and slightly on the top of the cake in white icing and then I rolled out some pink icing to make the duvet. After that I attached the pink icing to the cake. I then cut out small white dots of icing using a piping tube and attached them to the duvet. I made a pillow in pink icing and attached it to the bed.

I started to make the girl. I made the black trousers first and then coloured some icing in a mustard colour and made the jumper. I then made the flower for the jumper and the hands. I shaped the head and attached this to the body using a wooden skewer and then made the legs and attached these to the bottoms of the trousers.

After that I made the hair and then I attached the dogs by her side. Finally I cut out the wording and attached to the cake board. All I needed to do now was make the cupboard and lamp to make it look like a bedroom and the cake is finished!