Coolest Science Cake

I love this website, and took an idea I saw here to make an awesome Florence flask for my daughter, who turned 8 and loves chemistry and science labs. It was really easy!

I used the Wilton 3D ball pan to bake a Pillsbury chocolate cake and followed the directions to put together into an upright ball. I cut open a paper towel tube, wrapped it in foil, and taped it back together before shoving into the top of the ball cake.

I covered the ball in buttercream frosting (the Wilton class recipe) and then made marshmallow fondant (recipe found on a YouTub video, ridiculously easy!) in white and turquoise to cover all. The top is cotton balls pulled apart (I used 3) and I used an edible food pen to make the marking on the flask.

She loved this Science Cake and it was so easy. This website has given me so many great ideas! Hope you like mine!

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