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Fun Cake Designs for a Science Party

I made this cake for my boss. My boss loves chemistry and scientific things therefore had to come up with some fun cake designs. Someone at the office came up with the idea to make the Simpson’s nuclear power plant. A Homer Simpson figurine would have definitely been a nice touch but I was unable to find one.

The smoke towers are made from two ice cream cones turned upside down and wrapped in gray colored fondant. The smoke is just fondant rolled into balls (mini marshmallows can also be used). The other buildings are just different cookies and sugar wafers. I used yellow Twizzlers to make the parking stumps for the parking lot. Two boxes of cake mix were used in a sheet cake pan (chocolate on one side and yellow on the other). The trees were made with pretzel rods and green colored fondant on the top.

Good luck with your own fun cake designs!

More Fun Cake Designs

Cake by Trina P., Crossroads, TX

Science Theme Fun Cake Designs

For my son’s Mad Scientist Party we created this test tube cake made from two rectangular cakes. There is no end to fun cake designs when having a scientist party. This was made on a board with a slit in it then covered in aluminum foil. We then set the board on a 13×9 cake pan which had dry ice and warm water. The special effect of steam bubbling out of the top was the most fun for the kids!

These fun cake designs by Amanda P., Brooklin, ON

Science Theme Fun Cake Designs

This beaker cake was made for my husband’s 28th birthday (he’s a bit of a science nerd!).

I started by baking a chocolate cake in a rectangle pan. I cut the beaker shape free form and iced the entire cake with white buttercream. I slightly heated green buttercream to make it more fluid and poured it over the bottom part of the cake and added the drops up the neck of the beaker.

I used Wilton ready-to-use gel in black to outline and add graduations. I also put 28mL on the beaker because it was his 28th birthday. I added all of the candles at the top so that, when lit, it looked like the formula was aflame!

Thanks for all the cool cake designs on this site!

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