Coolest Science Lab Cake

This science lab cake was for a leaving party for someone who worked in my lab. So just to say good buy I made a replica of his lab bench (or as near to it as I could get!!)

I started off making 2 massive chocolate cakes in a rectangle tin and then cut them in half and stacked them up (this cake was quite large and tall), then with an off cut put that on one side of the cake to act as a shelf. The layers were stuck together with chocolate butter icing.

I iced the cake with chocolate icing (made with melted chocolate and icing sugar). I gave the surface a rough look as to represent the wooden bench. While the icing was still slightly damp a rolled a white rectangle and stuck it onto one side of the bench (this looked like a cupboard or fridge).

The rest of the cake was made using fondant icing and colouring. Also used some Haribo bottles to look like medicine bottles and a cut in half jelly drop with some green dots on to represent an agar plate with bacteria on. I made a pippette (blue and white icing)and a draw using icing fondant icing and filled it with sweets.

The main thing that I love about this cake is the bunsen burner. I wrapped a candle in foil and lit it before it came out. Everyone loved this cake as it was also full of chocolate goodness!

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