Coolest Lab Cake

I was in need of a cake for lab week and came across a Becker and thought I would try and make a Becker (actually it’s a flask, sorry I’m a lab nerd) cake. So, this lab cake is made out of two homemade pound cakes. Invert the bottom cake and cut to size, then put other bunt cake on top.

I wish my cake hadn’t been so moist, because I had trouble shaping it. Once your cake is together, insert a foil covered paper towel roll, in the circle of the bunt cake. Then, ice.

I used store bought buttercream, and tinted half of it blue. So, ice the top half white and the bottom blue. I added dots up the top to make it look like the “liquid” was bubbling. Then on the bottom, I used a felt brush and painted on the measure points with food coloring.

Then for the “smoke” I used store bought cotton candy. I recommend using two toothpicks to pull the cotton candy apart, otherwise it just sticks to your fingers.

It was a fun cake to make and my kids as well as my co-workers, loved it!

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