Coolest Army Helmet Cake

Coolest Army Helmet Cake

I made this army helmet cake for the home coming of my brother from overseas. I wanted to make him proud the way he has made my family and I proud. Now you would have to meet my brother to know that he is all military. The monotone voice with the solid emotionless face. Everyone was … Read more

Coolest Army Men on Battlefield Cake

Coolest Army Men on Battlefield Cake

So when you have twins, how do you make sure they both get their own cake?? They decided they wanted army men. So while looking for ideas at toy stores we found a box of tan and green army men with extras like plants and tanks. So I started by making two 11×17 cakes. I cut the … Read more

Cool Homemade Army Tank Birthday Cake

Coolest Army Tank Birthday Cake

I got a request for a birthday cake shaped like an army tank.  At first I wasn’t sure what type of tank I wanted to make, so I searched online to get an idea. The bottom part is a 2 layer 1/4 sheet and I used an 8″ square pan for the top part, which … Read more

Easy Cake Recipe Ideas and Designs for Camouflage Cakes 4

Heres a birthday cake picture of a Camouflage cake for my nephew’s ARMY bash. I started with an 11″x15″ sheet cake. I used 3 marble cake mixes and added green food color to the cake mix to give it the “Camo” look on the inside of the cake and that took everyone by surprise. There … Read more

Coolest Tank Cake

Homemade Tank Cake

I made this tank cake for my father’s birthday that loves tank models. It required a lot of time to do it! The grass layer is made of vanilla cake filled with vanilla custard cream and covered with green colored coconut. The tank is made of chocolate cake with a nut cream filling, covered with … Read more

Creative Homemade Army Tank Cake

Homemade Army Tank Cake

This Army Tank Cake is a classic white cake (doubling the recipe) made a couple days before decorating. The bottom portion on the tank is a 9×13 inch cake, and the turit is an 8×8 square pan. After placing the turit on the top, I cut about a 1/4 inch off of the two sides … Read more

Coolest GI Joe Tank 7th Birthday Cake

Homemade GI Joe Tank 7th Birthday Cake

Inspired by other cakes I saw online, I went with a GI Joe Tank 7th Birthday Cake! For the cake itself I used a standard cake pan for the base, for the upper deck I filled a loaf pan with cake mix. I also baked a few cupcakes and cut the top off of one … Read more

Easy Homemade Army Tank Cake for a Birthday Party

Homemade Army Tank Birthday Cake

For the base of the Army Tank Birthday Cake, I used a standard 13 x 9 rectangle pan with just regular cake mix. The top part where the gun sticks out is a meatloaf sized pan. After cooling, put the smaller cake on top of the larger one. Frosted both together using chocolate frosting and … Read more

Coolest Army Tank Birthday Cake Picture Gallery 9

Heres my tank birthday cake picture. It was super easy to make. Prepare two 8×11 cakes (this one is 1 yellow & 1 chocolate) and prepare one 6″ round cake. Once cooled, freeze the 8×11 top layer to make it easier to cut the cake at an angle as shown.The cannon is a pretzel rod … Read more

Coolest Homemade Tank Cake Photos and Tips 2

I made this tank cake for my sons third birthday. First I used a 9×13 pan and a loaf pan. I cut the loaf in half so it wasn’t as tall and put it on top of the 9×13. Then frosted it white and used the cake spray paint. It works really well and it’s … Read more

Cool Homemade Airplane Cake

Airplane Cake

My son wanted an airplane cake for his 6 birthday. He specifically said he wanted a plane landing on the road made out of icing. So I baked a 11 x 15 cake. I put icing over the whole cake first then I took a toothpick to mark an air strip out with the large … Read more