My youngest son was turning four and really loves to play with army men and wear camo, so we decided to have an “Army Man” birthday party. He asked me for a homemade army tank cake so I used the tank on the party invitations as a model.

I baked two 12×12 square cakes and one 10×10 square cake using a black magic cake recipe (family fav). I froze them for a couple of days so they would be easier to carve. I stacked the larger cakes together then sliced them to make a rectangular base for the tank. Before I iced a cake I like to stack it together with parchment paper between the layers so I can make sure to get the look I want.

I used butter cream frosting colored with green and purple to make army green. I used fondant for the wheels, track and gun. The wheels are Oreo cookies covered with fondant. I used small scissors to make the grooves on the tracks. I used a wooded dowel covered in fondant to make the gun.

I sprayed the whole cake with a spray food coloring in black to make the army tank cake look just right. I spread chocolate icing and brown sugar around the cake to make dirt. My son loved it and so did everyone at the party!