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Coolest Earth Turtle Fairy Birthday Cake

My daughter’s birthday is the day before Earth Day, so she decided to have an Earth Day Birthday party (complete with garbage walk!). Her idea for her cake was to have a turtle with the earth as its shell. This cake was designed to include her sister’s fairy theme for a combined party so I suspended a Tinkerbell figurine on a wire above the turtle’s shell.

I made the turtle out of a soccer ball cake pan and formed the turtle’s head, feet and tail out of Rice Krispie treats. The frosting is buttercream, which I smoothed out using a Viva paper towel after the icing started to “crust”. I like the smooth look of fondant, but prefer the taste of buttercream. And, since I like to think of my cakes as “edible art”, it is important to me that they are as tasty as they are aesthetically pleasing.

I have found many, many cool birthday cake ideas on this website. I hope you get some inspiration for an Earth Day birthday cake from my turtle!

Homemade Earth Turtle Fairy Birthday Cake

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