Cool Homemade Sunshine Birthday Cake

Homemade Sunshine Birthday Cake

For her 4th birthday, my daughter requested a sunshine birthday cake with M&Ms and sprinkles. After searching the internet, I found my inspiration from Sunshine Cake #3. I also used a soccer ball form to bake the middle part and then made a paper pattern to cut out the rays from a sheet cake. I … Read more

Cool Homemade Sunshine Cake

My Sunshine's First Birthday Cake

Every night before bed I sing my daughter “You are my sunshine” so it seemed fitting that for her first birthday I should make a sunshine cake. There of course was an issue with that, I have NEVER made a shaped cake before, never mind decorating with anything other than a spatula, but this had … Read more

Cute Homemade Sunshine Cake

Homemade Sunshine Cake

I made fondant out of marshmallow and powdered sugar, colored it yellow, rolled it out and covered the Sunshine Cake. I then cut out the rays for the sun and used a q-tip and red food coloring to make the cheeks and black gel for the eyes and mouth. I hope you enjoy!

Coolest Sunshine Cake

Homemade Sunshine Cake

My daughter requested a homemade sunshine cake for the shared birthday celebration for her 5th and her grandpa’s 70th birthday party. Grandpa asked for chocolate, and she wanted lemon. Using the same 10-inch round pan, I baked a lemon pound cake and a chocolate pound cake. I froze both of them overnight. The lemon one … Read more

Coolest Sunshine Birthday Cake

Homemade Sunshine Birthday Cake

Make your favorite dense cake and bake one in a 10 ” spring form pan and another one in a 6″ spring form. Cool, then remove from the pans. I then froze my cakes to make cutting into the shapes easier but this is not necessary. Cut the 10 ” cake into quarters then divide … Read more

Coolest Sun and Sunshine Cake Ideas

Coolest Sun and Sunshine Cake Ideas and Photos

I made this sunshine cake using marshmallow fondant. I was inspired by a lamp in my daughter’s bedroom. I was looking for a picture of something similar that I could get ideas from but didn’t find any so we did this cake without any tips. I made the fondant and colored it rolled it and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Sun and Sunshine Cake Ideas 1

I made this cake for my sister Jenny’s fifteenth birthday. She loves sunshine/moon things so I thought it would be cool to try and make a sunshine cake. The cake was made of yellow mix but you can do whatever flavor you want of course. I baked the mix in two nine inch circle pans. … Read more