Coolest Sunshine Cake

My daughter requested a homemade sunshine cake for the shared birthday celebration for her 5th and her grandpa’s 70th birthday party. Grandpa asked for chocolate, and she wanted lemon. Using the same 10-inch round pan, I baked a lemon pound cake and a chocolate pound cake. I froze both of them overnight. The lemon one was the center of the sun, and I left that as it was. The chocolate cake I cut like a pizza into 16 pieces for the sunbeams.

It’s a huge cake, I used a flat USPS large mailing box covered in wax paper for the cake board. Using a cup of butter, I made a plain frosting for the crumb coat and to attach the beams to the sun, a very thin coating. After frosting the entire thing, I let it sit out overnight for the frosting to dry.

The next day I made the yellow frosting (using a whole pound of butter) and frosted the entire cake. The homemade sunshine cake was a hit — my daughter is convinced it’s very realistic — and was very easy to make. I’ll be making it a lot in the future, every time I need a huge cake.

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