Coolest Sunshine Birthday Cake

Make your favorite dense cake and bake one in a 10 ” spring form pan and another one in a 6″ spring form. Cool, then remove from the pans. I then froze my cakes to make cutting into the shapes easier but this is not necessary.

Cut the 10 ” cake into quarters then divide them into 8 pieces, these are then arranged onto the serving platter point sides out to form the sun, the center will be empty. Cut a piece of cardboard to cover this whole.

This cake is done in yellow and orange icing, alternating the sun spikes. I used a star piping tip, cover the cardboard with icing to hold the peace sign. Decorations of swirls on the sun can be added later. Take the 6″ cake and mark a 1″ boarder around and draw the sign in the center, 1″ width as well.

I then cut out the pieces not needed as in the picture. Flat ice the inside of the sign then place it onto the sun. I used the star tip to ice with purple and pink as shown. Ice around the edges to finish off neatly. The flowers were cut out of gum paste colored and rolled out, cut with a cooky cutter. The swirls and dots on the sun were done in yellow and orange on the opposite colors of the the sun spikes.

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