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Cool Homemade Sunshine Birthday Cake

For her 4th birthday, my daughter requested a sunshine birthday cake with M&Ms and sprinkles. After searching the internet, I found my inspiration from Sunshine Cake #3. I also used a soccer ball form to bake the middle part and then made a paper pattern to cut out the rays from a sheet cake. I used a large bread knife to level the cake a bit.

I placed the cake on a 16″ cardboard cake plate that I covered with red wrapping paper. This limited how large my points could be. I used homemade cream cheese frosting and then sprinkled the cake with orange sparkly dust I found in the cake decorating section. I bought the large sunglasses from a party store and took off the sides. The rest is M&Ms. I didn’t want to cover the cake with sprinkles so we just added some to her piece after we cut the cake.

To go with the cake, we had a “Fun in the Sun” party theme with lots of water games and a BBQ in the backyard. She loved it!

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