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Coolest Sun and Sunshine Cake Ideas

I made this sunshine cake using marshmallow fondant. I was inspired by a lamp in my daughter’s bedroom. I was looking for a picture of something similar that I could get ideas from but didn’t find any so we did this cake without any tips. I made the fondant and colored it rolled it and covered cake. Hubby did the creative stuff the face and the sun’s “rays”.

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Cake by Amanda M., Monticello, NY

Sunshine Cake

I made this cake for my sister Jenny’s fifteenth birthday. She loves sunshine/moon things so I thought it would be cool to try and make a sunshine cake. The cake was made of yellow mix but you can do whatever flavor you want of course. I baked the mix in two nine inch circle pans. After cooling I took one of the circles and cut it into arched slices to use as the sun rays. Next I took vanilla frosting and added a lot of yellow food dye to it. I frosted all the sun rays and used the frosting as glue to make them stick to the iced sides of the circle piece. Then I took black writing gel to outline the face of the moon. Once that was done I frosted the outline of the sunshine and then used the gel to make the eye for that side.

I just added blue food dye to the other icing. Best thing is just buy two vanilla frosting containers. Then I frosted the moon side with the blue and used the gel to outline the other eye and then made the smile. The cake came out really nice and everyone loved it. It took me about an hour between cutting the pieces and making the frosting and the colors I wanted. This sunshine cake was really fun to make. Good Luck!

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