Coolest John Deere Cake

Coolest John Deere Cake

I was asked to make a cake for my daughter’s then fiance, now her husband, and his brother. Their birthdays are just a few days apart and since they’re both country boys I didn’t have too much trouble coming up with this John Deere cake idea. Cakes are the most fun when they’re a labor … Read more

1st Birthday John Deere Tractor Cake

1st Birthday John Deere Tractor Cake

This John Deere tractor cake is every little boy’s dream and was one of my first. A co-worker asked me to make it for her son’s first birthday since he loved John Deere tractor toys! The flavor of the cake was vanilla, since my scratch vanilla is better for carving than my super-moist chocolate! The … Read more

Coolest Green John Deere Tractor Cake

Coolest Green John Deere Tractor Cake

This green John Deere tractor cake  is 100% edible! The tractor is made from gum paste and was airbrushed finished. The “tire” tier is actually chocolate fondant airbrushed black so it has a much better taste than if you had just dyed the fondant black! The John Deere logo what free-handed cut out and placed on dried … Read more

Freestyle Tractor Birthday Cake

Freestyle Tractor Birthday Cake

Living in rural Wyoming, you don’t just run to the store (35 miles away) to pick up a couple things. We didn’t have a lot of money at the time so I used my son’s plastic tractor carrying case and traced the outline of it onto a piece of cardboard. It fit perfectly inside a … Read more

Cool DIY Tractor Cake

Cool Homemade Tractor Cake

I always use packet mixture – Betty Crocker’s fudge cake, because it freezes so well. I make the cake in advance, then cut and carve all the pieces.  I then used chocolate butter icing to glue the pieces into shape.  Because the cake is still frozen, the icing sets immediately, adding stability. I used blocks … Read more

Down on the Farm Tractor Cake

Tractor in the field

I made this tractor cake for my dad who lives back home in Ireland, my daughters call him Ga ga! The reason behind a farm cake is simply because he lives out the countryside at home and grew up on a farm, also I saw a little tractor that looked really cute and really wanted … Read more

Coolest John Deere Tractor Cake for 2 Year Old Boy

Coolest John Deere Tractor Cake for 2 Year Old Boy

My son loved his John Deere tractor cake and thought it was a toy at first! From two frozen cake loaves I carved out the shape of a tractor body.  I filled the layers with butter cream then did a crumb coat all over and then a final thick coat of butter cream. I did … Read more

Coolest John Deere Birthday Cake

Coolest John Deere Birthday Cake

Wyatt is my girls’ half brother. What a cutie he is! I claim him, even though he’s my ex’s child. Ironically he calls me his “Aunt Mimi”. Yes, it’s weird, but it’s good. His 2nd birthday was a reason for me to finally try cake decorating. It was my first cake, and I was a … Read more

Cool Homemade Farming Scene Birthday Cake

Coolest Farming Scene Birthday Cake

This farming scene birthday cake was my first cake that I did for a friend and I was thrilled with how it turned out. My friend’s little boy absolutely loves John Deere tractors and everything about farming.  His mom wanted a nice cake with a tractor and some plastic farm animals on it. Well, this is … Read more

Coolest Homemade Carved Tractor Birthday Cake

Coolest Mow Mow Tractor Birthday Cake

This Tractor birthday cake was only the second “creative cake” I had ever made and I think it is my favorite, not only from the reaction it got from my son, but also because I came up with the idea only by watching my son play with a wooden tractor that his Grandpa had made for … Read more

Awesome Chocolate Mud Tractor Birthday Cake with Vegetables

Awesome Chocolate Mud Tractor Birthday Cake with Vegetables

Matthew wanted a tractor cake which I had a basic plan for in my mind. Quite unusually as a man, I have been delegated the cake making or at least icing for our parties. Then Matthew got fixated on having icing vegetables and insisted that he new where to buy them on the other side … Read more

Tractor Cake

Tractor Cake

I baked two loaf cakes, and bought some chocolate covered donuts in two sizes. I sawed off the tops of the loaves (the rounded parts) with a serrated knife, and used one loaf for the base of the tractor cake. I then cut about a third into the next loaf (with a slanted cut) and … Read more

Coolest New Holland Tractor Cake

Homemade New Holland Tractor Cake

For my son’s 5th birthday he decided he wanted a tractor cake just like papa’s tractor. This was my first attempt at cake decorating, so after much researching, I took photos of the actual tractor from different angles and then enlarged them on the photocopier. Using a combination of tracing the photocopies and sketching freehand, … Read more

Coolest Harvest Tractor Cake

Homemade Harvest Tractor Cake

My son loves tractors so we had a tractor birthday party for him for his 2nd birthday. I found inspiration from this site for my Harvest Tractor Cake. Its not the neatest cake, but my son LOVED it, and it was very tasty. He loved watching me make it too. I used 2 loaf pans. … Read more

Coolest Farming Tractor Cakes and Preparation Tips 6

I made this cake for my brother-in-law. He is a farmer and I wanted to make something appropriate. I was having a hard time coming up with an idea. I had to make it the night before. I was getting a pan out of the cupboard for dinner, and a loaf pan and a 6-inch … Read more

John Deere Tractor Cake

John Deere Tractor Cake

I made this for my son’s 4th birthday. The detail on the tractor cake was done with colored chocolate (white and milk chocolate). For the hay bales I cut squares of cake, frosted them yellow and rolled them in browned coconut. I think I got that idea from this website :) I wish I had … Read more

Coolest Tractor and Baler Cake

Homemade Tractor and Baler Cake

I started out just making the tractor from a form cake pan. My son’s first birthday party grew in size so needed something else. I received some inspiration from other cakes on this website. I added the baler; it was a two-layer round cake trimmed. I used a cupcake for the wheel. I also used … Read more

Coolest John Deere Birthday Cake

Homemade John Deere Birthday Cake

I made this John Deere cake for my nephews second birthday. I cut the cake into a tractor shape, frosted donuts for the wheels and used oreos to simulate dirt. Tip: don’t use plastic wrap. My piping for the face stuck to it when I took it off. The kids still loved it though!

Cool Homemade John Deere Cake

John Deere Cake

This John Deere cake was made for a family friend’s little boy who was turning 4. It was a half white, half chocolate cake baked in a 11” x 15” cake pan. It was iced smooth with white buttercream icing. I first traced the tractor (I got the outline off of the internet) and then … Read more

Coolest John Deere Tractor Cake

Homemade John Deere Tractor Cake

This John Deere Tractor Cake was my grandson Mason’s 2nd birthday cake. I used the John Deere tractor pinata as my pattern and made the cake the same size as the pinata, which made making patterns a lot easier. I used yellow cake mix and tinted it green to make a neon green color which … Read more

Coolest Green Tractor and Trailer Cake

Homemade Green Tractor and Trailer Cake

My 2 year old son loved tractors (still does). It was his first word besides mom and dad. So a tractor cake it was for his birthday! This was my first time making a 3D cake. It turned out exactly how I was hoping. I used this site for inspiration photos! I’m a firm believer … Read more

Coolest Farming Tractor Cakes and Preparation Tips 8

I am submitting this photo on behalf of my mother, Janie Runyan.  She didnt think her cakes are good enough to win the contest but the rest of us begged to differ.   She used a Wilton cake pan. After she made the cake she poured colored chocolate in the mold to make the body of … Read more

Coolest Tractor Cake

Tractor Cake

This tractor cake was for our one year old. He had to share his birthday party with his older brother, so he didn’t have much say in the theme. It’s a 9″ two layer yellow cake with buttercream icing. I first iced the whole cake with white buttercream. Then I traced the tractor on top … Read more