Coolest Harley Davidson Birthday Cake

Homemade  Harley Davidson Birthday Cake

My uncle is really into Harley Davidson’s, so my aunt asked me to make this Harley Davidson Birthday Cake. This is the 3rd cake that I have made, and I thought it turned out pretty good. The top and bottom layers are vanilla pound cake and the middle is chocolate pound cake. Each layer is … Read more

Easy Hand Drawn Motorbike Cake

Coolest Motorbike Cake

This Coolest Motorbike Cake was inspired by a very happy little 2yr old motorbike fan. I used a simple butter cake recipe in a rectangler tin and iced with with butter icing. I found this very easy to work with as you can change the consistancy of the icing and really doesn’t need to be … Read more

Coolest 60th Motor Bike Cake

Homemade 60th Motor Bike Cake

I have been making cakes since I was a teenager and have got better over the years and now get asked by family and friends to make them cakes. It’s a hobby and I do enjoy it. I was asked by an auntie to make her husband, who is mad about bikes, a 60th Birthday … Read more

Coolest Motocross Bike Birthday Cake

Homemade Motocross Bike Birthday Cake

I was ask to make this Motocross Bike Birthday Cake by a friend. I have done some birthday cakes before but mostly from books. My friend’s little boy has a KTM so she wanted it to match his bike. Couldn’t find a cake tin, so this is what I came up with. I printed a … Read more

Coolest MotoX Supreme Birthday Cake

Homemade MotoX Supreme Birthday Cake

This MotoX Supreme Birthday Cake was made for my nephew who just turned 4. The cake in total took about 8 hours and my husband had to build a support system for it (using wood, hinges, and dowel rods). The base of the cake is made covered in buttercream and dusted with brown sugar to … Read more

Cool Homemade 2 Tiered Harley Birthday Cake

Homemade Harley Birthday Cake

This Harley Birthday Cake was for my boyfriend, I surprised him at work. The cake is funfetti cake from scratch from a recipe I found online, the icing is buttercreme from a recipe I got from a Wilton cake class. I took a picture of the Harley emblem and cut it out of a 1/4 … Read more

Awesome 3D Harley Birthday Cake

Homemade Harley Birthday Cake

My brother’ girlfriend wanted to make a Harley Birthday Cake for his 34th birthday. She found a picture of a cake she liked on the internet and me, her, and the children worked together as a family to make a cake made from love that would be as special to my brother as he is … Read more

Coolest Motorcycle Homemade Birthday Cake Ideas 1

This homemade birthday cake was made for my dads work friend. It is dark chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream filling/crumb coat. Black fondant covers it. The Harley Davidson logo is all hand-cut fondant with a silver dragees border. The flames on the side were first drawn with a blue food-color marker. Then I went over … Read more