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Coolest Billiard Game Cake Idea

This Billiard Game Cake Idea was a lot of fun and really quite easy to make. I started out with a 15×11” cake pan, and cut the cake in half when it finished baking to create 2 6.5×11” cakes. I stacked and topped with buttercream frosting to seal. I tinted fondant to make the green of the table and to make the cue stick (which I painted with thinned buttercream frosting and food coloring.)

I then used tinted buttercream frosting to fill the sides of the cake, and Wilton tip 106 to create rails, legs and border. I used M&M candies to make the pool balls, and lined them with Wilton Tip 4 to make the triangular rack.

My youngest son turns 12 and this was his birthday cake, and he absolutely loved it!

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  1. I really enjoyed looking at your cake. You are so talented. Really wish I could have been there Sat to celebrate your youngest son birthday.

    Your going to be a cake boss (or chef) before you know it.



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