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Cool Homemade Pool Table Cake

This Homemade Pool Table Cake is a half sheet cake for the table with about an inch and a half cut off of both sides. The balls are mini cupcakes. The wood part of the table is fondant and instead of coloring it I “varnished” it with brown color and a sponge. The pool sticks and diamond are make of fondant. I did a marble coloring with a little bit of brown for the pool sticks rolled them out and let them dry then painted the handles darker and carved designs into them with a butter knife.

I made a small blue ball and stuck to the end the rolled the tip in a strip of white. The pockets are just black fondant circles (make sure that you lay them on the cake before putting the “wood” fondant on! I learned this from experience lol.) This cake was fun to make and great to eat!!

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