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Coolest DIY Billiards Cakes and Lots of Free Cake Recipes

Wow, there are so many amazing and free cake recipes on this site and I used one of them to make this Billiards cake for my twin son’s 13th birthday. It was a surprise cake. Darien and Zach enjoy playing pool and they wanted a special cake to take to church to share with their youth group. This is made with three cake mixes. The cake itself is a two cake mix cake. Then I took the third cake and cut it and laid it on top to go around the edges. I then cut out the “Pockets”.

All of the icing is Butter Cream. I do not use Fondant. The Pool Sticks are Dowel Rods. I took butter cream icing and made the handles. I took mini marshmallows and glued (iced!) them to the other end. The balls are also made out of the Butter Cream. I squeezed out icing on wax paper and let it set for awhile then I rolled it in my palm (gently) like you would play dough.

The cake is sitting on cardboard which is taped to five small pillars (one in the center for more support) which are taped to a bottom larger piece of cardboard. The whole youth group (twins included) thought that it was very cool. The youth boys even ate the icing off the sticks.

Thanks for all the inspiring free cake recipes on this site!

More Billiards Cakes & Free Cake Recipes

Billiards cake by Liza K., Mechanicsville, VA

Billiards Cake

I made this billiards table by using a 9 x 13 inch pan and using homemade buttercream icing from free cake recipes found on this website. I then created each pool ball; chalk cube and pool stick by using fondant that I tinted. I used a variation on the basket weave for the pockets and flipped that tip over to create the top sides of the table.

It was a time consuming cake (pool balls etc..) but it turned out really well.

Billiards cake by Emily P., Doylestown, PA

Billiards Cake

I searched every where for free cake recipes and ideas for a billiards cake and then came up with this idea. I used a rectangle pan and cut the cake and stacked it to make a box shape then iced it with chocolate icing and green icing for the top. Then I used fondant to make the balls!

Billiards cake by Valerie G., Quebec, Canada

Billiards Cake

Here’s one of those simple and free cake recipes: the sticks are made of chocolate: I used a chocolate mold. The balls are in fact round chewing gum, different colors, of which I took off a round piece of the color with a knife so you can see the chewing gum white part inside and iced the number of the ball on each.

Billiards cake by Katherine D., Richmond, VA

Billiards Cake

I originally made this cake for my husband’s birthday, the picture is one that I made for a customer. The base cake is a thin (about 1″) 1/2-sheet cake iced in green butter cream. The billiard balls were baked in the Wilton mini ball pan and are iced in butter cream with a star tip.

The first time I made this cake, I had just completed my first cake-decorating course. It took me 6-1/2 hours to decorate! I wouldn’t let my husband in the kitchen while I worked on it. After all that work, he wouldn’t eat the cake. He carried it around to various friends and family’s houses to show it off.

Billiards Cake

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