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Coolest Bucky’s Stanley Cup Cake

My son is a huge fan of Bucky the Badger, the University of Wisconsin mascot. For his recent 6th birthday, he asked for a Bucky Badger cake, so I was busy making mental plans as to how to make one.  At the last minute, the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup, and he decided he wanted a Bucky Badger cake WITH the Stanley Cup.  Hmmm…  I had to figure out how to incorporate the cup into the design.

I started with two 12 inch round cakes, and torted them so that I had 4 layers. I dyed the cake badger red and used a vanilla butter cream between the layers so that the cake would be striped red and white like Bucky’s sweater when it was cut. I covered the cake with white fondant.

Working from a picture of Bucky, I traced all the pieces of him onto wax paper and cut them out, then laid them on the various colors of fondant and cut around them. The stripes on Bucky’s sweater are piped in white after the cake was assembled.

I used food markers to do the Happy Birthday lettering. I did a bottom border on the cake in alternating bands of red and black, then did one larger black block as a backdrop for the Stanley Cup.  The cup was cut freehand out of white fondant, and then covered in silver pearl dust (applied with a brush and vodka) to get a silver sheen on it.

The Blackhawks victory parade was on his birthday and the next day was his party with the Bucky/Stanley Cup cake. He was so excited! It was a huge hit.

Coolest Bucky's Stanley Cup Cake

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