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Go Hogs! Razorbacks Birthday Cake!

Here in southwest Arkansas we love our beans and cornbread, fried potatoes, sweet tea and yes ma’am we love our Razorback Hawgs. Why one of the first things we teach our precious babies is to call the hogs!! Woooooo …. pigs…. Sooie !  can be heard throughout our state as we cheer our teams on … win or lose we love ‘em.

So much so that I have made numerous Razorback themed cakes in the past. From grooms cakes to birthday cakes to cupcakes…

This one is just one example of a cake I did for a cute lil cowboy acquaintance of mine. His grandma and I go way back to when his own mother was just starting kindergarten. I used to work with her and I don’t mind saying I certainly have missed her! Quite the roller skater she is…..anyways

This cake is chocolate fudge with red buttercream icing. I fixed his snout using two smaller cutouts of trimmed cake. You really can’t tell in the picture but I angled the top layer toward the snout to make it appear to have his head down ready to charge!! I shaped the tusks from gum paste and cut his name and eyes from black and white fondant.

I used my clay extruder to make the twisted black and red rope from fondant.

Happy 9th birthday my friend!!  WPS


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