The Craziest Cheese Cake You’ve Ever Seen

Take a look at the craziest cheese cake ever. You’ll also find loads of homemade cake ideas and DIY birthday cake inspiration.

Cake by Lynelle C., Durango, CO

The Craziest Cheese Cake You've Ever Seen

My daughter was turning five and wanted to be Chef’s, like in Ratatouille so I came up with the only cake that a couple of Chef rats would love, a cheese cake in a form of a big wedge of Cheese. I got the characters at a bakery. I baked three round yellow layer cakes and trimmed them on two sides to make a triangle. If I were to do it again I would use two layers as it was rather large to slice into small pieces.

Then I stacked and iced them in a nice Cheesy yellow. It was a huge hit! I had ordered paper chefs hats on-line and made aprons for all the kids to personalize. We had a great time!

Craziest Homemade Cheese Cake Ever

Cake by Heather H., Nephi, UT

Craziest Homemade Cheese Cake Ever

For this cheese cake I used an eight inch round cake and cut a “slice” out. I frosted it with tinted buttercream icing using Wiltons golden yellow icing color. I made the holes by making “dents” with the bottom of measuring spoons and painted them a darker golden yellow with icing color mixed with some water.

I used fondant to make the mice. I bought the pre made Wiltons fondant and shaped it to look like a mouse body. I tinted a little bit pink and used that for the tails and face.