Coolest Drum Cakes and Great Childrens Birthday Cake Ideas

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Latest Drum Cakes

Featured Childrens Birthday Cake Ideas

Drum cake by Jason N., Levittown, NY

Coolest Children's Birthday Cake Ideas and Drum Cake Designs

My son loves drums! So for his first childrens birthday cake I made this drum cake complete with drumsticks. I used a box cake mix in two 9-inch round pans. I split each cake into two layers and filled them with chocolate pudding. Once they were filled I used vanilla icing as a crumb coat then I made modeling chocolate. You can find recipes for modeling chocolate at and searching for “modeling chocolate”. If you want to color the chocolate use either oil-based gel colors or powdered food coloring (regular food coloring has too much water and cause the chocolate to seize up).

You treat the modeling chocolate like dough. The entire outside of the cake is modeling chocolate. It gets fairly stiff and may crack when you cut the cake but it tastes great.

Drum cake by Alexis H., Palmdale, CA

Drum-Shaped Cake

For my brother’s 16th birthday/going away on tour party I made him a snare drum cake. It’s fashioned after a DW but don’t tell them they might sue me, just tell them that it is a plain childrens birthday cake. I used regular layer pans. I coated the cake with a thin layer of frosting. I used my layer pan as a template for the top piece of fondant, the side of the cake is a separate piece. The lugs are also made out of fondant and I used toothpicks and a little frosting to hold those on. I just painted the logo on the drum head using food coloring.

Drum cake by Debbie W., Cromwell, NZ

Drum-Shaped Cake

I made this childrens birthday cake for a 13-year-old boy who plays the drums.

The childrens birthday cake was a lemon flavoured Genoese sponge and I used three different sized tins. Seeing as I didn’t have the correct sized cake tins I used a biscuit tin, a tuna tin and a salmon tin. Which I carefully lined with greased baking paper to ensure they didn’t stick.

I covered the cake with butter cream first then I made the sugar paste myself (a bit time consuming but cheaper than buying it) and iced it. This cake took quite a few hours but I was really pleased with the outcome.

Drum cake by Jennifer W., Antioch, CA

Drum-Shaped Cake

I made a triple layer round cake and frosted it with grey frosting around the outside and white on the top. I piped blue frosting around the circumference of the cake, top and bottom. There are several vertical stripes of red frosting around the cake and a small circle of colored sugar in the center of the top. The drum sticks are hard candies, similar to peppermint sticks, with large marshmallows at the end.

I made this cake for my son’s music-themed 3rd birthday and now that he is almost 5 he still remembers his cool drum cake.