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Carol’s Tambourine Birthday Cake

My friend, Carol, is the founder and director of a Praise and Worship Dance Team called “Expressions of Miriam” (in the Bible, Miriam, the sister of Moses, at 80 years old led the women in dance and praise with tambourines after the Israelites crossed the Red Sea.

Carol had a significant birthday coming up on April 18th of this year, she would be celebrating 75 years of life. On that day we were having dance practice at a friend’s home. I decided I wanted to make the day special for Carol by creating a Tambourine Cake for her. In years past I had been the head Cake Decorator for a bakery in the Midwest so I was quite comfortable taking on this task, however, it was a bit of a challenge in how to put it all together. I did some research online to see other Tambourine Cakes that had been created, but in the end I developed my own idea and came up with one that I felt turned out very nicely, tasted very good, and was very much appreciated by Carol. Also, it got rave reviews from others it was shared with. Carol said it definitely made her birthday special !

I baked a 10” white round cake which I frosted with my homemade butter cream frosting and filled with fresh strawberries. For the tambourine jingles I used Vanilla Wafers sprayed with Silver Wilton Color Mist.  The “jeweled” decorations were M & M’s. The ribbons were Fruit Roll-Ups in a variety of colors.


Carol's Tambourine Birthday Cake

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