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Coolest Chip ‘n’ Dale Birthday Cake

I did this Chip ‘n’ Dale birthday cake for my son’s 2nd birthday. He was not interested in any cartoons till 20 months until he saw Chip n Dale cartoon. Along with him, I became a huge fan of those cute little chipmunks. So I decided to make his 2nd birthday special with his favorite character. I searched in Internet but couldn’t get any ideas. I am not a frequent baker nor a cake decorator but decided to give it a try with the Chip face.

So, I outlined Chip’s face with Nutella and colored it with chocolate cream cheese whipped cream frosting for the brown color. Then used a green colored cream cheese whipped cream frosting on star tip to give it a meadow look and covered the sides with basket weave tip using chocolate whipped cream frosting to make it look like a fence/basket. I used whipped cream because none of us in the family/friends like buttercream frosting. Hope you like my cake. Thanks

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