Cool Big Cats Birthday Cake

My daughter loves Lions, Tigers, and Snow leopards! However, I am not a fondant genius so I went with butter cream. I made two each of the tiers (6 inch, 10 inch, 14 inch) There is a cake plate between each layer and dowels supporting the middle and top layer.

I have to admit I tried black fondant for the leopard spots, but ended up making the squiggly spots with black butter cream. Butter cream dot border. Tan was a difficult color to get to look right…I ended up buying brown to add to copper colors. Butter cream dots for border as well. Orange is like red…using the whole bottle to get a true orange!

The tiger stripes are random lines I cut from black fondant with a pizza cutter. I used the left over stripes to make little fondant balls for the border. Yes it was a lot of cake!! I didn’t have an idea to start other than her rough sketch, but she ended up loving it!!

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