Cool Boots Birthday Cake

Well, it took me about three hours to do all together.  First I made a round cake for the head then a full cake for the body. Then another full cake for the arms and legs then another full cake to make the boots. My husband came in and said what are you doing putting a puzzle together! Yep feels that way! LOL I had fun doing it!

I used Oreo’s for the eyes and cup cakes for the ears. It took awhile like I said to figure out how I was gonna put it all together.  Everybody that was at my daughter’s party loved it. My daughter feel in love with it. I had two of my friends ask to make one for there children. The hardest part was making sure I got the boots right cause the first time they broke on me. Don’t know why but did. I can say the easy part was the head, LOL. Like I said I had a good time doing  it. I make all my kids birthday cakes.

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