I made basic individual sleepover cakes for each girl and had the girls decorate each “bed cover” and personalize the face and hair.

I started with a rectangular cake and cut into bed size pieces and placed a pretty cookie at the end (stuck on by icing) for the headboard. I placed a “HoHo” (or it could be a Twinkie) on the bed for the body. The pillow is a half of a large marshmallow. The head is fondant icing colored like skin and rolled into a ball. I made the bed covers out of rolled fondant colored pink.

The girls then personalized their faces and hair with tubes of gel icing, tiny chocolate sprinkles for the eyes. The hair is colored fondant (I added cocoa to make it brown) pressed through a garlic press. Various sprinkles, candies and gel icing were used to decorate each bed cover. Each bed was put on a pretty plate with a doily “rug” next to the bed.

This was a cute project for a 13 year old girls’ slumber party.