Slumber Cake

I made this slumber cake for my daughter’s 8th birthday, a sleepover party. I got the idea off this website and a few others doing a search for “slumber party cakes”. It is made from a chocolate cake mix and I used Little Debbie snack cakes to form the “bodies” under the covers.

I covered the cake itself with store bought icing, first to help the fondant stick and to also make it taste a little better. The pink covers were a little hard to do because I used white fondant and dyed it to make it pink. By the time I had rolled it out, I think I had fiddled with it too long because it was starting to dry out and was difficult to work with. If I had to do it over, I would just buy enough of the fondant already made in the desired color so I could avoid that step!

The faces are fondant as well as the flowers on the bedspread and the “brass bed”. I covered a large thick piece of card board with white wrapping paper to make the base for the bed and another one to form the headboard of the bed. I “glued” the headboard to the bed using a small batch of royal icing.

The girls’ heads are resting on marshmallow pillows. All in all, it was a lot of fun and my daughter and all her friends loved it! Thanks for the great idea!

3 thoughts on “Slumber Cake”

  1. You’ve done a beautiful job. I mean it. I think it’s the best amateur slumber party cake I’ve come across! You’ve taken the best of a whole bunch of designs and made it your own. I will follow your example!

  2. hi im ten and im wanting a sleepover party/slumber party its not my birthday or any thing though,do you think it would be weird to have a cake? could you tell me what to do and buy?thanks


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