Cool Dragon Slayer Birthday Cake

I made this Dragon Slayer birthday cake for my son’s 10th birthday. It was a very fun cake to make and took about 7 hours, whew! I baked a vanilla Madeira cake (2 9″ round cake) and cut circles for the castle and the hill it stand on. The towers are plain fondant that I shaped.

Now, the dragon was tricky…I first made a sausage and shaped it to look like the body (took me 2 tries to get the right proportion). Then, I sculpt the head and probably cut out around 50 scales. I attached the wings and brushed it with edible glitters. The day of the event is when I did the finishing touches; putting the dragon on the castle was also tricky, trying not to break the towers but one almost broke (front right tower) but it worked perfectly because the dragon was holding it.

The dragon’s head kept on falling so had to stable with a small food coloring container for a few minutes. The water is just a piping gel that I colored plus the fondant river rocks. Again, this took about 7 hours to make and took 3 minutes for the kids to take the dragon apart…hehe. One kid wants the wings, the other the tails, the other the body, then one for the head  (poor dragon).

It was a big hit! Everybody enjoyed it and loved the flavor. Next project: “Atlantis Cake,” let’s see if I can pull it off with all the water.

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