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Coolest Homemade Elefun Diaper Cake

My Homemade Elefun Diaper Cake was very simple and easy to make.


70 Size 2 Luvs diapers (Target $18.00)

14 large rubber bands (Hobby Lobby $.99)

2 12ft x 1.5in ribbon (Hobby Lobby $4.00)

1 elefun stuffed animal (Toys-R-US $2.00)

2 Hungry Hippo stuffed animals (Toys-R-US $4.00)

1 Safarri themed baby outfit (Ross $6.00)

1 Travel Size Johnsons babykit (Babies-R-US $2.98)

1 glue gun and several glue sticks.

I started out by folding each diaper in half and grouping them in fives, and securing them with a rubber band. The first tier of my cake has 45 diapers 3 rows each with 15 diapers in it. Each row of 15 I wrapped a piece of ribbon around it and secured the ribbon using the hot glue gun. Be sure not to get any of the glue on the diapers so the mother is able to use them. With the second tier I used 20 diapers 2 rows both containing 10 diapes. Wrapping them with ribbon like i did with the first row. The third tier was simple made up of one row of 5 diapers, again wrapping them with ribbon. when i was finished i glued the third tier to the second tier remebering not to get glue on the diapers i had glued the ribbons together and then likewise with the second and first tier. After getting the basic part of the cake up I garnished it with My stuffed animals, travel kit, and outfit.

This is my first diaper cake and after the sucess of this one Im thinking about making them more often for babyshowers. I had a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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