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Cool Homemade Halloween Cake

I loved making this Halloween cake!  I love Halloween and everything it brings with it!  From the candy corn to the scarey decorations.  Every year I decorate outside for Trick or Treat and was worried about this request as I had so much to get done for Trick or Treat, but I don’t have the heart to turn people away so I planned it out the best I could to try and get everything done as best as possible.

I had to deliver this cake about 45 minutes away so I had to make a good sturdy cake board with a dowel screwed thru the middle to hold everything together.  The pumpkin was made of rice crispy treats covered in fondant.  I purchased the Satin ice fondant which is awesome to work with.  It smoothes very nice in hand.  Love the taste as well.  The purple held the color very nicely which I was worried it would fade as I have read this could happen in a few sites.  I did have the airbrush ready just in case.

I used the airbrush to bring in some shading for the pumpkin to make it look more realistic.  I was really looking forward to the spider webs as I mastered realistic webs from pictures on the internet for my home.  I paint webs on my front windows every year with glitter fabric paint, so this was pretty easy.  I would use a smaller tip next time to make them a bit more realistic looking.  It was a bit difficult to get the icing to dangle a bit on the side.  The small pumpkins were made of fondant and I used an edible marker to draw the faces on.

The ghosts were done on rice paper and cut out to give a look of transparency.  I airbrushed the cake board.  With all the decorations on, I was ready to roll.  The nice folks I delivered this to were so excited and the next cake they want is a buck with antlers!

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