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Cool Homemade Moana Cake

This Moana cake was made with 3 ten inch layer cakes.

On 2 of the layers I removed a 4 inch circle from the middle then then carved out the tunnel to one side.   First, I placed full 10 inch layer, then i placed the 2 carved layers, putting buttercream in between.  Then I iced cake with buttercream.

I made a marbled blue and white fondant and then placed it on cake to form waves.  Then I put buttercream and it to look like sea foam.

The sand was made with a mixture of brown sugar, graham crackers and nilla wafers blended together.

To make the sea coral, I colored fondant with yellow, orange and purple.  I used green fondant made the sea weed.  Round and cut.

Colored pink fondant to make fish. Then used moss green and brown fondant to make sea turtles.  I place the momma turtle and baby turtle in the center of the cake with some of the colorful coral and sea weed.  Then placed more around the outside of the cake.

Moana cake

Moana Cake

Moana Cake

Moana Cake

Moana Cake

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