This Lightning McQueen birthday cake was made with two pans. One borrowed pan and one round pan. It was made with a half chocolate cake and a half vanilla. This cake here took me about 8 hours to make but had a lot of fun.

I took a Matchbox Lightning McQueen car and sculpted it out of cake to make it 3D. That was the hard part because that was the very first 3D cake I made. I then used buttercream icing for the cake and also for the star tip.

The happiest part of making this cake was the reaction on a kid’s face and on the parents face as well, so kids call me the Cake Master.

When you hear your cakes are awesome and you hear a parent say “I’m not cutting that cake, and I don’t want to put candles on it because it looks too cool” it inspires me. So every cake I make I want it to be better.

A cake will brighten up anybody’s day, I love seeing smiles on people’s faces!! That means more to me than money or gold.