My niece is a huge Little Mermaid fan, and insisted I make her a mermaid cake with Ariel on top.  After researching the internet for some ideas, I came up with this cute two tier cake.  I stacked the cakes, and crumb coated in light blue icing.  Then went back and added a few drops of dark blue color to my icing and a quick stir to get the two tone colors for the ocean.

I decided not to smooth out the icing, as the ocean has waves, and I thought this would be much cuter.  After icing, I colored and rolled out the fondant for my seaweed.  I decided to twist the strips with a pointy top to give it a more 3-D effect.  After adding the seaweed, I rolled my orange fondant for my starfish and coral.  I simply used a star cookie cutter to make the starfish, and cut a few strips then rolled them between my hands, then twisted the rolls to make the coral.

After completing the different corals, I made my octopus.  He’s only a ball of fondant with some rolled legs added, a couple dots of icing for eyes and a cute smile.  To make my seashells, I added a little copper color to white fondant, and didn’t knead it as much, so it would have the marbled look like seashells.  Cut a few out, twisted them around and cut the bottoms to fit on the cake.  Then I added a few goldfish crackers and some white icing dot bubbles to complete.  Place Ariel on top and you’ve got a cute Little Mermaid in an ocean cake!