Cool Magical Woodland Cake

I made this magical woodland cake at the request of a friend. She wanted a cake with a WOW factor for a School Fete Raffle. My friend said it was up to me what I made, so I thought about it and came with an idea I thought would be perfect for a school.

This cake is a six layer Vanilla sponge with jam and buttercream in every layer and covered in fondant icing (popular in the UK). Everything is edible on the cake.

Details on Making the Woodland Cake

  • The sponges were six tiers of 10″ and 8″ cakes.
  • Once filled with jam and buttercream, I put it in the fridge for 30 minutes to set firm so I could carve it better.
  • The fondant for the wood bark was my own coloured fondant that I rolled around in one piece.
  • The top of the tree was caramel coloured and I hand painted on rings with food colouring to create the pattern.
  • The hedgehog, ladybirds and caterpillar were hand created by me.
  • The butterflies are made of rice paper.
  • The path in front of the door was made with little balls of fondant I rolled. I did not use a cutter.
  • The door is fondant.
  • The edge around the door is fondant with green royal icing for the vine running up and around the door and tree trunk.
  • I used a small crafting tool to create the bark effect.

The cake was very popular with the parents, etc. that attended the Fete. I really enjoyed making this cake.