Coolest Woodland Fairy Cake

My daughter (with no biased encouragement one way or another from myself or my husband) is developing into a typical little girl…her favorite color-pink, her favorite film-Tinkerbell, her favorite clothes-tutus, flippy skirts and dresses. So as her 3rd birthday approached it didn’t take me long too figure out I wanted to create fer a fairy toadstool cake. Asking her what color she would like it (and secretly hoping she’d opt for the naturalistic red) she said of course…pink. Oh and she has a cow’s milk allergy so it had to be dairy free.

So I started off on my mission to to create a magical, naturalistic, ‘pink’ toadstool set in a woodland floor setting. I trawled the internet for images of cakes and photos of toadstools and an idea evolved in my mind, followed by a trip to a traditional sweet shop I found some great things to create my woodland floor setting. Everything on this cake board was edible.

The cakes: bottom tier is a dairy free Madeira cake formed from a round flat cake with a cake baked in a pudding bowl on top. The top tier is a single dairy free red velvet cake baked in a pudding bowl.

The construction and Icing: The bottom tier had 3 dowels inserted into it to support the top tier (which was sat on a very thin cake board). A think layer of dairy free butter cream was slathered all over. I iced the tiers and bottom cake board separately before constructing.

Finally the really fun part, I decorated my woodland floor with my goodies from the biscuit isle and sweet shop and placed the all important fairies (the majority being pink of course!) on top of the cake.

I think I impressed myself that I actually managed it, and others from the reception it got, the best reaction of course was from my little girl who was agog when she saw this Woodland fairy cake the morning of her party.

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