I was asked to do a cake for a young women turning 21 who was not very girly. Her favorite drink was Tequila and the cake was to be very sweet as the family all have a tendency for sweet food. So they decided on a Tequila Bar cake made from a caramel mud cake with caramel frosting and then to top it off fondant.

I thought what I could do so I decided to make her a bar cake. I used a normal size baking dish for the floor and topped that with a loaf tin shaped cake. I used fondant with edible silver to do the mini orb, which was done by pushing a skewer into the fondant then trimming with a craft knife.

I then turned to the bar decor, made 4 little shot glasses and had some saucers on the bar with lemon wedges fondant and salt  (icing sugar). For the centerpiece to bring the cake together I wanted a tiny sample bottle of Tequila but unable to get it had to settle for a Scotch and try to make a new label and lid to make it look  like a Tequila bottle.

So that said, this is what the cake turned out, hope you like it.