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Cool Umbrella Birthday Cake

I was thinking for a cake pattern for my sister’s 16th birthday. I wanted to give her a unforgettable gift and a cake which would remind of our past. Then I remembered of our umbrella fighting which was a bitter experience then but of a sweet past now. Two years back my cousin sent a beautiful blue color umbrella. So what happened is we fought for that having a 3rd world war. The funniest thing was argument turned over and we were pulling each others hair. Then the homeward Hitler appeared and mom had to act like a peace maker there..so this incident inspired me to make this cake.

I applied blue color so that it would remind her of our past as well, it was success too. I cut the butter cake to umbrella shaped and to garnish a little and to give it a look, I added some roses and flowers in parchment icing.

My lovely sister loved this cake a lot and hope you’ll too would like it!

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