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Katie’s Pre-School Graduation Cake

This “Kid-Friendly”  pre-school Graduation cake was intended on being just a simple cake for forty, excited little pre-school children.  When we scheduled our pre-school graduation we had decided on having cake and refreshments, after several different parents donating over 25 cake mixes, we were told that school rules was no sweets until after school hours, putting our whole graduation to a halt.

But after some discussion and replanning, everything was on for our big celebration. After baking this cake and cupcakes for over 6 hours, and then hand painting fondant with food coloring, decorating and making sure this cake was perfect, in all it took 5 hours to decorate. I finished at 5:00 am in the morning! But the big shocker was that when I went to place the cake in the refrigerator, it wouldn’t fit! I was devastated, worried and panicked! I was in fear I was going to have an anxiety attack!

But with a good friend who was the school janitor, and a key, we took this master piece to its destination, two hours earlier than when everyone would even begin school! The time came to unveil the cake and our 150 plus guests was amazed, many feared to touch or breath, because they felt it wasn’t real. What also made this special is the childrens faces around the cake, I had incorporated and hand painted on each  child’s t-shirt! They was so excited to see if they could eat a piece of cake that looked like them on their shirts!

This cake was a big success, one of the best I had ever made. Would I do it again? Probably not, I cant imagine being behind another huge cake like this and no where to place it!

Katie's Pre-School Graduation Cake

Katie's Pre-School Graduation Cake

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