Coolest 50th Cake

I baked this 50th cake for my husband who was 50 on 1st Jan. I started by baking two 9” x 13” sponge cakes, these were then left to cool, and then filled with jam and butter cream. I then cut out a template in card to resemble a 50 but where the 5 and the 0 met I cut away some cake so that there was a slight step in the cake to divide the two when the cake was iced thus making the two numbers stand out.

Then I started to crumb coat the whole cake and placed in the fridge to chill for about 1 hour. While the cake was chilling I colored some roll out icing in black and orange and cut out some stars and placed these on a flat board to dry slightly.

I then rolled out the white icing. I used 2kg, this was enough to cover the whole cake. I rolled it out big enough to cover the whole cake and started on the one side smoothing it onto the cake thus making sure you could see the numbers clearly and made slight indents in the icing to show the hole that you should see in the number zero and shaping the number 5 because I didn’t cut out the whole of the number 5 so not to lose some of the cake.

I then piped a pattern around the bottom of the cake and all around the numbers on the cake in white. When this was dry I piped in orange all around the numbers to make them stand out. I then started adding the stars onto the cake. I made two stars big enough to pipe 50 on them and stuck them to the cake board and made two scrolls and pipe iced an inscription on them.

Then I made the body of the man to be my husband in the color of Wolverhampton Wanderers football team (gold) and I then brushed it with gold shimmer dust and then made some trousers in black and in flesh color. I made the arms and face. I printed a picture of my husband’s face and cut it out and stuck it onto the head, and I also cut out a picture of a bottle of beer.

I then made some trainers and to finish off I painted the football badge on the top and did the v neck and piped around the sleeves on the top.

My husband loved the cake!

Homemade 50th Cake

Homemade 50th Cake

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