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Coolest Air Force Cake

This air force cake I made for a family friend who was soon to be leaving to the air force. His mother wanted something partiotic so I thought the flag was the most patriotic thing I could think of.

The cake itself is a vanilla chocolate chip cake with a vanilla buttercream, baked on a 12×10 inch cookie sheet in two batches. I used a cookie sheet because the cake bakes faster stays moist and is already layered for me! The cake is covered in fondant that is red white and blue. I got the air force symbol off there website, created a mold and carefully cut it out. First I covered the whole cake with white fondant then I created the blue square and covered it with buttercream stars. After that used a regular ruler to space and cut out the red strips of fondant and added them to the cake. Finally I put on the airforce symbol!

Everyone felt partriotic that day!

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