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Coolest WWII Air Raid Shelter Cake

I made this homemade WWII Air Raid Shelter cake for my 97 year old granddad who has one in his back garden still! The cake was made in sponge with coconut grass and toffee strips for the ‘dig your own’ vegetable patch!

The steps going down into the shelter were after eight mints and the cake was built over an opened baked bean tin to create the shape and looks like corrugated iron. To make it real I added an MP3 player and speaker inside which played Vera Lyn songs, air raid siren and flying spitfires sounds ! It went down very well – a video was also made so you can hear it !

5 thoughts on “Coolest WWII Air Raid Shelter Cake”

  1. This has given us a brilliant idea – my 8 year old has to make an air raid shelter for his school project and having seen your cake he wants to make one out of cake! What did you use for the corrugated iron front/door to the shelter?
    You’re very talented and your Grandad must have loved this I know mine would have!

  2. I flattened a tin food can – one with ridges in it half way up….be careful of sharp edges! It looks like scaled down corrugated iron and already silver! Cut it down the middle and flatten it first. Good luck ! Paul Riddick…Southampton

  3. any other air raid cakes? or just mrs fancy pants one,i’m not a crafted cake baker and would love to bake a cake that’s not so intricate


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